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Zong TikTok Weekly Package


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Zong has launched a Weekly TikTok Package for its users. TikTok Weekly package is a very good offer put in the market by Zong. Now you can enjoy 2GB Data for TikTok Weekly Package in 35 PKR + Tax.

Zong TikTok Weekly Package Details:

For years, the battle between social media platforms was between major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But now, there’s a new app that’s been rising through the ranks over the past couple of years. TikTok, also known as Douyin, has experienced a massive growth in their user base since its launch in 2016.

TikTok being the most popular live-streaming app, with an immensely increasing subscriber base and will create an amazing attraction for data users. Zong intends to capitalize on it for base engagement and subscriber acquisition. The offer is very lucrative and gives a new and fresh shout in the market which we intend to capitalize on subscriber acquisition and existing base engagement.

Zong TikTok Weekly Package:

  • TikTok data resources (applicable to all users of TikTok): 2 GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Price: PKR 35+Tax

 Eligibility Criteria:

How to Activate Weekly TikTok Package :

  • Dial *606#
  • SMS (SUB WTTO) to 6123
  • IVR: Yes
  • My Zong App: Yes
  • *310#: Yes
  • 310 IVR: Yes

How to Deactivate Weekly TikTok Package :

  • SMS (UNSUB WTTO) to 6123
  • IVR: Yes
  • My Zong App: Yes
  • *310#: Yes
  • 310 IVR: Yes

How to Check Remaining Free TikTok Package Data:

  • To check Free Data: *102#, My Zong App
  • Out of package mobile Internet Tariff will be charged Rs.1+Tax/MB

Telenor also has launched TikTok Offer. You can check here


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Zong TikTok Weekly Package
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Zong TikTok Weekly Package
Zong TikTok Weekly Package: *TikTok data resources (applicable on all usage of Tiktok): 2 GB *Validity: 7 days *Price: PKR 35+Tax
Atif Tariq
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