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Whats New in iPadOS : You Should Know


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As Multitasking is getting important and user expect this from smart devices. Same as Apple users expects for iPadOS improvement. iPadOS retains the Slide Over and Split View functions, but on iPadOS, the usability of these two functions has been dramatically improved. The new Slide Over has significantly improved the iPad’s multitasking efficiency, and Apple has finally “unlocked” the app’s multi-window capability, which finally makes the iPad look like a laptop.

iPadOS has also significantly upgraded text entry and editing capabilities. In addition to the original virtual keyboard, iPadOS adds a small keyboard mode similar in size to the iPhone, improving the efficiency of typing text with one hand on the iPad.

iPadOS Virtual Keyboard
New Feature – Virtual Keyboard

Abandoned text editing operations completely reused from iPhone, greatly simplified, only click and drag when moving the cursor, although the efficiency and accuracy are still not as high as the mouse, but the effect is intuitive compared to the original “magnifying glass” A lot. With the new gestures of iPadOS, the text editing capabilities of the iPad have been greatly improved, and heavy text editing on the iPad is finally no longer a big deal.

There are also many changes in iPadOS, such as smaller desktop icons, increased number, richer file app functions, support for external storage devices, Support for game pads and mice, lower latency Apple Pencil, Sidecar for Mac external display

For the iPad, iPadOS is probably the most important software upgrade ever. The greatly enhanced multi-tasking capabilities, text editing capabilities and expansion capabilities, as well as the new features of iOS 13, have greatly enhanced the iPad’s “productivity”.

Nevertheless, there is still a gap between iPadOS and laptops, which is the lack of touchpad support. The lack of touchpad has become the biggest obstacle to iPad Pro’s work efficiency. This year, we finally saw the transformation of Apple. The new Magic Keyboard adds touchpad operation, making the iPad Pro completely “complete” like a notebook.

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