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What Are the New Features In iOS 13.5?


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The latest iOS 13.5 update will include the new features of iOS 13.4.5 Beta, with the following improvements:

  • Apple Music sharing enhancement: albums can be shared to IG and Facebook
  • When wearing a mask, Face ID facial recognition will automatically be converted to a password to unlock
  • New Coronavirus Tracking Contact History API and Contact Warning Function Switch
  • Join FaceTime group call to turn off zoom function
  • Fix iOS Mail Zero Time Difference Vulnerability
  • Fix the Sindhi that caused the system to crash?
  • Added enhanced new crown virus exposure notice.

At present, this exposure record function can only be used in the United States, and even needs to be used with an authorized app, otherwise the exposure record option will appear? Gray cannot be switched, but this function, Mr. Crazy has also confirmed with the Ministry of Health Taiwan, This new coronavirus (COVID-19) exposure recording function will not be available, mainly because Apple has not yet cooperated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Apple Music music sharing IG dynamic function

In the first few betas, Apple once added a new sharing function for Apple Music. You can tap the sharing function on the Apple Music song screen. Sharing through IG will create a limited-time dynamic album thumbnail, but other IG friends click on the screen and nothing happens. You can only click “Play on Apple Music” above to jump.

Group FaceTime call new feature “Speaker”

In the previous iOS 13.5 beta, a customizable multi-person video call was added to the  FaceTime group call (Group FaceTime) function, meaning that during the group FaceTime call, the speaker ’s picture card will be automatically enlarged, and now Disabled through FaceTime settings, this feature has also changed from iOS 13.5 official update instructions

In addition, in this iOS 13.5 GM version, the official has also added a complete update instruction:


When wearing a mask, iOS 13.5 can accelerate the Face ID device to be directly unlocked by a password, and import the Exposure Notification API to support the Communist Health Organization ’s new crown virus contact and tracking application. This update also adds a zoom window that can control the speaker for the FaceTime group video call function, and also fixes several errors and improvements.


Face ID and password

When wearing a mask, the Face ID device simplifies the unlocking process

When wearing a mask, when you slide from the bottom of the screen when locking, the password will be displayed directly to unlock

App Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay, iTunes and other applications that support login with Face ID can also be used during authentication

Exposure record

Exposure Notification API Supports Public Health Organization’s New Coronavirus (COVID-19) contact and tracking application


Can control FaceTime group call auto-scaling speaker option, so that the members of the group will not automatically zoom the screen when speaking

Emergency services

When you make an emergency call, you can tell emergency services to automatically share health and other basic messages in your Medical ID (US only).

Fix mistakes

Fixed an issue where users might see a black screen when trying to play videos from certain websites

Solve the suggestion and operation problem that may not be added in the shared table

At present, if there is no accident in iOS 13.5 GM version and iPadOS 13.5 GM, it will be the last beta version. It is expected that Apple will release the official version updates of iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 next week.

As for the Apple Watch ECG ECG problem, it can still be used normally on the latest iOS 13.5 GM version. If you want to learn about the new features added in the previous iOS 13.5 beta, you can read through the following articlethe original Chinese name of Speaking to “Speaker”.

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