Vivo V19 Camera Specifications

Vivo V19 Camera Specifications : Good Reason To Buy This Phone

Vivo is going to launch its smartphone variant Vivo V19 on March 27, 2020. The Vivo V19 Camera Specifications are confirmed officially before launch which is impressive and worthy. According to reports, Vivo V19 phone is named as perfect smartphone by Vivo.

Vivo V19 Camera Specifications are noticeable as it has 4 back and 2 front cameras including a flashlight as well. Camera positioning is same as was in previous smartphone variant. The Main camera is 48MP with frame rate of 1.79 and ultra-wide angel camera is 8MP but has high frame rate than main camera which is 2.2.

This phone has 3rd camera lens 2MP which is quite different from all others as it is 4cm super Macro camera with frame rate 2.4. Fourth camera is also of 2MP and Vivo named it “Bokeh camera”.

Vivo V19 Camera has more than 8 camera picture modes. The super night mode allow user to take bright picture in night or in less light. The ultra-wide angle allow user to cover maximum area in picture in foreground as well as in background.  Ultra-stable video feature provide an amazing flexibility for disabling shivering hand affect while taking picture.

Along from portrait image, Vivo V19 Camera provide a super functionality of portrait video recording which was not available in any other smartphone. So, you can make background blur at the time of video recording. This feature is key feature of this variant. “Super Macro and Bokeh” feature provide control to user for zoom up to 10x and prevent image from pixel disorder.

Face beautify is another noticeable feature of Vivo V19 that provides a picture clarity with a beauty function to make a unified colored image. It handle the color disorder in a picture using AI technique. Overall, Vivo V19 camera specifications have a good reason to attract smartphone user.     

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