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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Video Editing


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Video editing can turn out to be overwhelming in the beginning. There is so much to wrap around in your mind and execute. However, if you wish to become proficient in the art of video editing, it only takes a few simple steps to achieve the same. If you are starting, you can come across a wide range of video editing tools out there that offer the ease of editing videos of any scale like a pro. Let us help you learn all about video editing as a beginner through this post.

Things to consider before editing videos

When you are adopting the post-production process, it is required that you are fully prepared and know exactly what you are supposed to do. Here are some important considerations to make before editing your video:

  • Type of videos: What is the type of video that you wish to edit? Whether it is a short movie or a simple YouTube video, the analysis of the exact type of video content that you wish to edit will help in the editing process. It will help in narrowing down your search for the right video editing tools and techniques that you need.

Different genres of videos require different editing skills and expertise. For instance, the creation and editing of artistic films might require complex trimming or the utilization of sophisticated tools. Similarly, tutorial videos or short YouTube videos can be easily edited with the help of some simple software.

  • System requirements: The overall performance of the computer system that you are using can significantly limit your range of editing. It might even limit the overall functioning of the YouTube video editor or any other editing tool that you currently have. Some of the important system requirements to look into are:
  • The type of PC –Here, the vital thing to consider is PC Vs. Mac –  which one to choose. PC’s desktop configurations have become quite powerful in recent years. However, when it comes to professional video editing, Mac computers are known to do a much better job. The Mac OS has been optimized to boost the overall performance of the hardware components of the computer system.
  • CPU capabilities –The process of video rendering is one of the most complicated tasks upon any computer system. This process is known to last for several hours. The utilization of a strong PC can help in lowering the overall time for video rendering while enabling the video editing software to run faster & efficiently. If you are going to edit videos quite frequently, then you should ensure that you have access to the best software out there. 
  • RAM Memory – Most of the advanced video editing software products out there do not require a memory space of over 4 GB or 8 GB RAM. However, when you are working with massive files, it could slow down the overall speed of your computer significantly. Therefore, if you wish to prevent crashing at any given instance, you should go for higher RAM. 
  • Hard drive space – In some cases, a single video file could take multiple gigabytes. Moreover, the videos that you would export from the video editing software tools would require dedicated storage space. Most of the advanced video editing tools are known to make use of the hard drive space for storing edited videos. 
  • Graphics card – Even when you are not using special 3D effects or distinctive traits in your videos, it is essential to note that the PC has a proper graphics card system for delivering high-end performances. When you tend to pair the graphic card with a functional processor –having over 16 GB RAM, it will ensure that you can carry out the video editing task seamlessly.
  • Monitor – When you can view the video on a large screen, you can track the tiniest flaws easily. Some of the professional video maker out there are known to make use of two screens when they are working on some complex project. This is the reason why it is important to pay attention to the overall size of the monitor as well. As such, you can consider using a monitor size of over 20 inches for improved performance.
  • Choosing the right video editing software – In addition to the specific technical requirements, you should look into the matter of using the right video editing software solution. As a beginner, it is recommended to go with the software solution that has easy-to-use editing features. It should not be a complicated process to try out the software itself. You can come across multiple options for both PC & Mac when you are searching for some feature-rich video editing software.

General tips for video editing as a beginner

  • Go through the video footage multiple times to ensure that you are choosing the right clips
  • Try keeping the effects in moderation
  • Ensure that you have organized the footage in the given editor 
  • Try taking a break every now & then to do away with monotony

Go ahead and make the most of the effective video editing strategies!

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