Redmi K30 Pro Camera Specifications

Redmi K30 Pro Camera Specifications

On March 24th, the Redmi K30 Pro will meet with us officially. The current official warm-up has gradually revealed the mystery of this product for us. A few days ago, Redmi K30 Pro camera specifications officially announced with its appearance, screen and other specifications, and on March 20, it announced the K30 Pro’s imaging system. 64MP main camera + dual OIS optical image stabilization feature.

Redmi K30 Pro camera specifications make Redmi’s first product with dual OIS optical image stabilization. At present, there are only a handful of flagship mobile phones equipped with dual optical image stabilization. No matter when shooting ultra- clear photos with 64 MP cameras or 3x optical telephoto lens for long-distance shooting, optical image stabilization can provide a stable picture, which can effectively offset the blurring effect of mobile phone shake.

In addition, Redmi also announced a video taken by the K30 Pro to show its anti-shake capability. OIS optical + EIS electronic anti-shake performed well in video shooting. In a section of “parkour footag”e captured with the K30 Pro, the photographer followed the protagonist at high speed, and the picture performance was stable. At present, Redmi has not announced the parameters of the other two lenses. If it is not unexpected, it should be an ultra-wide angle and a macro lens.

Redmi K30 front camera is 32MP and appear as pop-up when user want to take selfie.  Previously, anti-shaking feature was introduced Oppo Reno 3 and now Redmi k30 pro has same camera feature of image stabilization while you are walking. K30 pro is going to the best camera phone for Redmi this year.

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