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Oppo Ace2 is Best Phone In Performance


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At start of this year, OPPO took the lead and launched the sequel OPPO Ace2, which is a comprehensive upgrade in performance. This phone is also the first work of the Ace series after independence, shouldering more important strategic needs.

OPPO Ace2 is equipped with the latest flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, and comes standard with stereo dual speakers and Z-axis linear motors, adding another point to the immersive experience of the game. The 4D constant cooling heat dissipation system tailored by OPPO Ace2 can also effectively reduce the problem of hot hands caused by prolonged use. This heat dissipation system is made of VC soaking plate + new thermal buffer material + multilayer graphite covering, which can greatly reduce the SoC The temperature under high load can also effectively improve the stable output of the SoC performance and ensure the stability of the signal.


OPPO Ace2’s performance is even more exciting. In terms of charging, The company continues to use the previous-generation widely acclaimed 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 super flash charging technology, far ahead of the mainstream 40W charger currently on the market, and can fully fill 4000mAh in about half an hour. In terms of wireless charging, OPPO Ace2 is pleasantly surprised to introduce 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging, which can achieve extremely fast blood return within 58 minutes, which is faster than the wired charging function of some flagship products currently on the market. At the same time, OPPO Ace2 also has 10W wireless reverse charging support, these three charging combinations make it properly become the most prominent product in the mobile phone market.

Ace2 Fast Charging
Fast Charging

OPPO Ace2 adopts the standard 90Hz screen of the current flagship machine, the touch sampling rate reaches 180Hz, the combination of high refresh rate and high touch sampling rate makes the operation process smoother, and it can achieve the touch feeling like a cloud of water Experience with the picture.

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