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Nokia Smartphone Sales Getting Spike Again


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In a recent sales analysis of Nokia Smartphone, Nokia smartphone sales spike is observed. Nokia released 3 smartphones in 2019 Q4. Nokia 7.1, 8.1 and 9 Pureview got very good response from market. Now, Nokia is rolling out android 10 in their latest smartphones. Nokia 9 Pureview will get this update first and it was most selling smartphone in 2019. All upcoming Nokia phones will compatible with android 10.

Nokia launched 11 new smartphones in 1st quarter 2020 and response was almost similar to 2019 quarter 4. This growth in sale represent that users are still like to use Nokia phones as it was the first mobile phone manufacturer in Asia in early 2000. A great response from the market encourage Nokia to put more smartphones in market to be in competition with all other tech giants.

From previous couple of years, Nokia was not appearing in android technology race. It was considering to survive with windows based technology for mobile phones which turned into bad consequences.  You cannot say, this is not the right time to switch from windows technology to android as android users are growing more day by day.

One important thing that is very noticeable, nokia is still using carl zeiss camera which is best mobile camera lens till now. Nokia introduced it in their Symbian series of music edition series, when there was no competitor of it.  

Android 10 roll out time is different region to region as it will roll out in north America first. Nokia is launching 6 new android phones in Q2 2020 which will include android 10 by default with upgraded battery life.

These new smartphones will definitely increase growth of Nokia sales and we are looking that soon it will be in top 3 smartphones seller.

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