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How to Make Money From YouTube


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Today, we are going to educate our visitors that how to make money from YouTube without any investment. People know that video bloggers are earning a lot from YouTube but they don’t know what to do and how to do. This article is definitely going to help those peoples who are curious about this information.

In our previous article, we provided you a high level detail that how you can earn from freelancing. Making money from YouTube is different than earning from freelancing but remember, if you think that you can become millionaire in couple of days or month then online earning is not right platform for you. If you have great patience and want to give 2-4 hours in a day, and can wait for one year with work dedication then I will urge you to come into this field. Now, let’s come to the point.

How you can Make Money From YouTube: Step By Step

  • The First thing first, identify area in which you have good skills and can guide people about it. Like, if you are good chef then start blog on guiding people about the good cooking recipes or you have software development skills in any computer language then make guide videos on how to build a software or any skill, whatever you have.
  • You need to register on YouTube which has no cost.
  • Choose a good name of your channel as per video blog content and this is very important for SEO (Search Engine optimization). We will tell you later about SEO.
  • A good camera, which have good resolution like (720/1080P) and a mic with noise control feature.
  • Make a Playlist in YouTube and name of the playlist should according to video content. I will suggest you, not to ignore any of the point that I am guiding because this will help you to bring visitor to your video blog.
  • Start uploading videos to your Video blog/channel.
  • Start promoting your channel using WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or any email marketing that will help you to bring visitors initially and people will get to know about your video blog or YouTube channel.
  • Ask visitors to subscribe your channel in video introduction. If any of user subscribe your Video Blog then it is a good opportunity to make him a permanent subscriber of your channel but remember, your video or knowledge in it, must entertain visitor otherwise you will lose this opportunity.  
  •  And finally, the actual point that how you will make money from YouTube and that is so simple. When you have minimum 1,000 visitor /day to your channel. Then, apply for Google AdSense account which will provide you the ads script to run ads on your YouTube channel. As much as visitor come to your video blog and see videos and click on ads, your earning will be higher and higher.

To get AdSense account, there are Google policies. I will suggest all of you to read it carefully.

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