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Low-Code Development Platforms and Features


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What Are Features of the Low-Code Development Platforms ?

The Features of Low-Code Development Platforms are

  • Fast Development
  • GUI Based Development
  • Less Code Writing Efforts
  • Less Hiring of Technical Skilled Peoples
What is Low-Code Platform?

Low-code development platform is an application which provides the Graphical User Interface support for programming. The purpose of Low-code platforms are to auto generate code at a very fast rate & reduces the traditional programming efforts.

These tools help in the fast development of code by minimizing hand-coding efforts. These platforms not only help with coding but also with the quick setup and deployment.

How do Low-code development platforms Work?

With these platforms, you don’t have to write the code line-by-line. It will allow you to draw a flowchart and the code will get created. Code-development gets faster with this method.

Benefits of Low-code Development Tools:

Low code development tools provide many benefits and more people can contribute to the application development process. Also, these platforms help organizations in improving their agility. It reduces the complexity of the application development process.

Low code platforms have two other important benefits i.e. high productivity and decreased cost as it develops more applications in lesser time.

The following graph will explain the importance of low-code development tools. As per the research performed by frevvo, it accelerates the digital transformation at 69% and 40% it is responsible for reducing the dependency of high technical skills.

Low Code Benifits
Low Code Benefits

Low code development platforms contain the features of visual modeling, drag-and-drop interfaces, mobility, security, and scalability.

List Of The Top Low-Code Development Platforms

Enlisted below are the top Low-Code Development Tools that are available in the market.

Comparison Table of Low-code Platforms

Low-code development platform Platforms Price
BPM Online Cloud-based, Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, Solaris $25 per user / month
DWKIT Web-based, Windows, Linux, Mac Starts at $11.000 for perpetual license
Appian Cloud-based, Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, Solaris $90 per user per month
KissFlow Cloud-based solution, Supports iOS & Android devices $9 per user per month.
Mandix Web-based, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, & Windows Phone Single App: Starts at $1875/month.Pro: Starts at $5375/month, & Enterprise: Starts at $7825/month.
Outsystems Web-based, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, & Android Enterprise: Starts at $6250/month.
Salesforce Web-based, Windows, Mac Universal: Starts at $15000/ month.

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