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Jailbreak iPhone With Rooted Android Phone With Simple Steps


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Now, rooted android phone can help you to jailbreak iOS without using any computer. This is an amazing trick of Jailbreak iPhone with rooted android phone, introduced by checkrana. This means, rooted apps and rooted android phones demands are going to increase. Jailbreaking iOS is just like rooting an android mobile phone and rooting means, you are going to get full access of system files and able create and delete system files as well. Also, you can run executable, to exploit system security.

Jailbreak iPhone with rooted android phone is game changer approach so you can use this technique anywhere, anytime. You just need a rooted android phone a cable to connect both phones (Android and iPhone). But, it is important to note that battery of both mobile phones must be charged more than 70%. This jailbreak is compatible with devices running iOS 13 or previous versions.

The drawback of using this technique is, you need to re-jailbreak whenever your iPhone/ iOS devices is rebooted.

The Steps are Very Simple Steps to Jailbreak iPhone with Rooted Android Phone  

  1. You need to download binaries from chakrana1n
  2. Place these binaries on your rooted android phone storage/sd card
  3. Switch on your android phone by using keys which support to jump into bootloader mode
  4. Connect your iPhone or iOS supported device with rooted android phone (a OTG will be required with iPhone cable)
  5. Run terminal app and get supper user access by typing “su” commands
  6. Type “lsusb” to check, if your iDevice is recognized. It will display USB ID like “05ac:28a9“
  7. Put your iPhone into DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode
  8. In CLI mode run command “./checkra1n -c“ which basically use to run checkra1n binaries available on your rooted android phone.
  9. Cheers J your iPhone/iOS is Jailbroken.

Keep in mind that if you use this method then take care of your iPhone battery. Because, if your iPhone battery drain completely, your phone will re-rebooted and will no longer jailbroken and you need to re-jailbreak iPhone with rooted android phone.

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