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Is It Really Worth Becoming A Youtuber? How To Start?


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Remember Justin Bieber? The 21st Century musical legend used to be a YouTube star.

Ever heard of PewDiePie? The famous vlogger and an intro maker has over 25.96 Billion views and has made millions with his YouTube channel.

Do you know Jake Paul? The public figure has made more than $21.5 million with his Youtube channel.

BlueXephos, Ray William Johnson, DisneyCollectorBR, Smosh, are some other successful YouTubers who have gained the name, fame, and money with their unique, original, fresh, and entertaining video content. With the freedom to pursue your interest with creativity, earn a lucrative income, and access to global audiences, YouTube is certainly a thriving platform to choose as a career option.

Still unsure of shaping your career as a YouTuber? Seek inspiration from the list of top-paid YouTubers in 2020.

  1. Vlad and Nikita — $312,312
  2. Dude Perfect — $301,262
  3. Like Nastya Vlog — $258,493
  4. TheOdd1sOut — $168,022
  5. Lele Pons — $157,746
  6. Liza Koshy — $133,035
  7. Kids Diana Show — $126,938
  8. Collins Key — $120,937
  9. Toys And Little Gaby — $89,319
  10. James Charles — $79,847

Isn’t it something worth trying your hands on? Yes, it is! However, not all the YouTubers are successful because they don’t know the success mantra.

How to be a successful YouTuber?

Well begun is half done! But to commence well, you must have the secret ingredients of patience, perseverance, professionalism, commitment, and consistency. Also, you should know the art of how to edit videos for YouTube to taste the recipe for going viral.

Here are the essential steps that you need to take when aiming to gain ground on YouTube.

  1. Define your channel goal:

To be a successful YouTuber, you first need to figure out what is your goal, or what do you want to achieve through your channel. Your goal can be anything like attracting more viewers, getting popularity, gaining subscribers, or simply making money. Based on your goal, find out what kind of stuff your audiences are looking for. It will help you make videos in the right direction, which would further help you achieve the major goal you are eyeing to become a YouTuber.

  1. Decide the genre or theme for your channel:

Before you script the content, decide a particular direction or genre for your channel. Specifications of a genre help you intrigue the interested audiences easily. Fashion, makeup, cooking, travel, health, and fitness are some of the most common genres you can choose to create video content.

  1. Get a good understanding of the competition:

No one can succeed in monetising through YouTube without having a good understanding of the competition going over the digital space. So, don’t get afraid of what is going around at present and what is about to happen next. Also, take track of the past. It will help you understand what kinds of content rank well and make the grade on YouTube. Once you get a clear idea of video creation, you can easily beat up the competition and be a successful YouTube star.

  1. Follow the best SEO practices:

SEO is the secret mantra to be successful on YouTube. So, don’t avoid following the best SEO practices while posting anything on your channel. Draft an SEO friendly title for your vlog, and make the sensible use of keywords throughout the video content. Also, use the important keywords, hashtags, and links in the video description. One more thing, don’t stuff your content with too many keywords instead use the relevant keywords with high search volumes.

  1. Interlink videos:

Interlinking is the key to be a successful YouTube star. It helps you increase views and attract more audiences to your previous video content. So, don’t miss to interlink all your new videos to the previous ones in a way that your viewers can easily click through it to watch the past vlogs. There are many ways to do it right. For instance, you can use annotations, give the link of previous vlogs in the description. Also, it could pop up throughout the video without disrupting the viewing experience.

  1. Create featured videos:

Creativity plays a vital role at every walk of life, and being a YouTube video editor is no exception to it. So, be creative while weaving the script and creating content for your channel. Once you come up with a kind of content that can win to attract a good number of audiences, opt for the ‘Featured Videos’ to gain more views. It will help your videos rank well and increase the organic traffic over the second largest search engine.

  1. Partner with popular YouTubers:

After gaining a considerable amount of views and subscribers, go for partnering with the other popular Youtubers. This partnership will help you make a fortune, every time someone views your video.

  1. Associate with brands:

Having gained a huge fan and followers base, start looking for associating with the brands. A huge and active subscriber base makes you the preference for many big brands who want to advertise their products and services. These brands will not only offer you the monetary benefits but also give many free products in exchange for featuring their offerings in your video content.

Some Fine facts to know about YouTube:

  • YouTubers can earn somewhere from $0.01 to $0.03 per view, which translates to $5,000 for 1,000,000 views.
  • YouTubers’ earn by ads through AdSense, affiliate links, and sponsorships with popular brands.
  • The salary of a famous YouTube star can soar into the millions.
  • You must have at least 1,000 subscribers to be accepted into the YouTube Partners Program.

Bottom Line:

It is worth becoming a YouTuber for all those who dream of showing off their creativity, gain global recognition, and make a fortune on the digital space. So, if you are hungry about international fame and making money online, don’t dither, just ideate, create, and shoot! Don’t forget to follow these ultimate steps to be successful in your video venture.

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