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iOS 14 Includes App List View With App Filtering and Sorting


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According to foreign media reports, iOS 14 will include a new home screen option which will provides list view to users for their apps. The list format will allow users to sort their apps using different filters.Users will be able to view apps, with unread notifications or will be able to filter apps by latest activity. The list view will also include smart tips powered by Siri. For example, recommendation for a music when arriving at the gym or at long drive.

Also, the list view is supposed to be alphabetically ordered by default, and the report states that users will be able to set filters like recently used apps or apps with unread notifications. The layout looks similar to the List View option in Watch OS, but Watch OS have filter option but bot sorting option yet. This will provide users with a third way to view their installed apps other than scrolling through home screen pages or pulling the home screen and using the search function.

According to initial information, there is a possibility that external wallpaper packages are compatible with the Settings app in iOS 14. Also, Apple planning to introduce several new categories of backgrounds to help categorize them. It is indeed possible to set any picture as wallpaper on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but this feature will provide users with countless backgrounds to choose from within the Settings app.

iOS 14 will include a new HomeKit features such as sorting by flipping device in HomeKit camera video streams. A new feature is coming that can provide alert you for critical sounds like fire alarms and door bells. Alipay support for Apple Pay and integrate Apple’s “Shot challenges to iPhone” coming in the Photos app.

Finally, a new version of the Apple TV remote will be available in iOS 14, but no other details are known at the moment.

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