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I Earned 50 Thousand by Just Reselling Clothes on Whatsapp, Can You Believe It?


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These days the rich and the middle class have an excess of things, all thanks to hoarding and the excessive shopping we do. Spending money unabashedly, on expensive items only to leave them lying around the house and eventually discarding them seems wasteful when options like reselling are available. 

Besides, we all need a quick buck, and many of us would shell money if we can get an item at a much lower price. Thus, reselling is a growing business in today’s world.

Many applications over the web have risen to meet this challenge. A large number of people are now buying from and selling to people who are looking for a cheaper option than what stores are ready to offer.

My Journey

I am one of those people who have always hoarded clothes. I wanted a space where I could turn my passion for clothes into a viable career. 

However, in a small town, starting your own business is a tough call. Especially for a collection of clothes that would not be considered essential unless a festival was around the corner. People around here did not want to spend excessive amounts on items like clothes.

But I was convinced I could do well only if I had the right opportunity. I started looking for ways to start my clothing store where I could curate fashionable and good quality designer clothes from suppliers across the country. 

I would then sell them to customers I know or establish a new customer base by the quality of my product. But I was in no position to invest a hefty amount.

As a student, I was spending way more money than I was making, and it was a growing concern with my family as well. I had to figure out a way to float my business or stop spending money on whatever I wanted. It was a hard decision that was made accessible the moment I was introduced to the Selltm App.

Choosing Selltm

I was introduced to Selltm by a classmate. She was actively reselling accessories on the app. It was a sight to behold. 

We were always at awe at how she hardly ever repeated a dress and never seemed to run out of money. Eventually, I ended up asking her this question. That is how I found Selltm. 

The first time I earned with Selltm wasn’t even by selling. I had referred a friend who made a transaction, and I earned a commission on their sale and that is how I got hooked onto the app.

Imagine selling with WhatsApp but instead of textual communication, being able to have a professional shopping portal in the background. 

Not only will the customer be impressed at the smooth transaction, but you no longer have to go through each stage manually. Reselling platforms like Selltm make our lives easy by providing us with a professional online seller’s platform.

Reselling With Selltm

All I had to do to start using Selltm was open an account with my existing phone number. Once the number was verified, my account was approved. 

I could browse through the latest trends, look at items from suppliers across the globe and offer my customers curated items that I wanted as a part of my virtual store. Selltm takes care of the supply chain, including shipping, so I did not have to worry about any of that.

Once my customer chose a product, I placed an order to their preferred shipping address. The difference between the price my customers paid and the price I paid for it to the supplier was my profit earned. 

Selltm even allowed me to maintain customer information on the app. Furthermore, it enabled me to maintain a database of the payments made to sellers or advances paid, etc.

Catching Customer Interest

One of the most seller-friendly features of Selltm app that I liked is that it allowed sharing of product pictures and descriptions directly over WhatsApp to friends and family to grab their interest. Once someone claimed an item, I placed an order for them on Selltm directly and earn a profit.

Quality Control

Selltm only allows verified sellers on its platform. It also allows return or exchange of items within seven days so that if the customer doesn’t approve of the final product, they aren’t stuck with it.

Selling Clothes Online – The Basics

One of the most tedious tasks about buying clothes online is the sizing. Selltm suppliers are well aware of this. However, like most professionals, the sizing is provided as large, medium or small and other variations. 

I wanted my customers to have a relatively smooth experience, so, when sharing available sizes, I always measured the clothes I was selling and shared the information on the platform. For more clarity, I mentioned each size in inches as well centimetres.

Another aspect I had to learn was to understand the pulse of my customers. When selling to friends and family, this was a significant advantage. 

Taking The First Step

Over the years I have received many a compliment on the clothes I wear, and my acquaintances usually buy clothes that are recommended by me. If like me you have chosen to sell an item your friends and family trust you on, half your battle is won.

In general, whether or not you chose the same path as me, the only step you need to take to make your first sale is to share the items you feel will be well received by your connections. The more the number of people interested in your ideas, the better is your chance of selling.

Happy Selling

Selltm is a great way way to turn your passion for business into your livelihood. My standard of living and my spending budget increased rapidly as I started earning more through this app.

I hope now that you know about this, you can be self-reliant from the comfort of your own home and earn the independence you crave. I know I did. Happy reselling!

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