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Huawei Is Making Replacement of Google Maps By TomTom Maps


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Huawei is still denied access to many American products that are important to the smartphone business. He never stops trying to find major apps and services to replace his reliance on the popular Google software. The most recent is , Huawei is making replacement of Google Maps by TomTom Maps, which is now the go-to service for navigation and the Chinese OEM has just closed a deal with Dutch map company TomTom for this exact purpose.

Replacement of Google Maps By TomTom Maps was not an easy decision for Huawei but the reason behind whole story is hidden market capturing war between US and China.

Of all the parts of Android that Huawei is prohibited from using, Google Maps is perhaps one of the easiest solutions to replace, mostly due to the lack of shortcomings and navigation companies that provide similar functionality, some of which are outside the direct control of the United States. However, Google Maps has the advantage of data abundance and deep integration with Android, and of course partnerships with companies.

Fortunately for Huawei, TomTom maps company is not a new player in this field, it has specialized in navigation services and devices for more than two decades. This partnership is almost completely confidential as TomTom decided to shift its focus away from hardware and to licensing and sales services. Even better, it is not affected by the ban on the list of American entities on Huawei.

Neither company has yet to officially announce the deal, and has not yet confirmed how the US government will receive the news. While it has little control over what companies do outside the country, it has tried to exert influence with other governments and urge them to give Huawei similar treatment.

This tech giant is looking for parts to replace Google Play apps and services that include not only Search, Gmail or Chrome, but also key components like Play Protect, keyboards, and developer boards. Huawei developed its Huawei Mobile services for this purpose, but it actually missed the claim it made for its launch in late 2019. Huawei could make the big announcement of the Huawei P40 launch in March.

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