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HTC U Ear Is Smart Bluetooth Headset: Look Like Apple Airpods


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Since Apple AirPods Bluetooth True Wireless Headset (TWS) market has been selling well, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, ASUS, realme and other Android mobile phone manufacturers have also begun to launch, but it seems that most of the appearance is like designing with reference to AirPods until Recently, HTC also launched the first Bluetooth headset, and named this product “HTC U Ear”, but it looks like AirPods in appearance, which has caused most people to discuss.

Regardless of what HTC once said “HTC is a brand created by the Chinese”, looking directly at HTC’s upcoming Bluetooth headset, this is the first exposure? The main source is from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Communications Commission of Taiwan (NCC) Unexpectedly, HTC has already been exposed before the release of the new headset. From the point of time of certification, it is expected that HTC will soon announce the true Bluetooth headset.

htc u ear vs airpods
htc u ear vs airpods

According to the information provided in the certification document, the appearance of HTC U Ear is very similar to that of Apple AirPods. They are also designed with a smooth and bright color appearance. In addition, there is a prominent design and a long strip body on one end of the earphone. From a distance, the similarity reaches 90%, and the design is slightly the same as realme Buds Air and Huawei FreeBuds 3, except that the difference between HTC U Ear lies in the opening of the earphone and the charging end to the non-end of the measuring end of the earphone, and the black design is also used.

In terms of appearance and charging case design, HTC U Ear also has many features compared to AirPods, such as:


  • AirPods has not yet had a black style, so that many opponents can seize the market through other colors. It is not ruled out that HTC U Ear will have more color choices in addition to the black version.
  • The charging box part uses USB Type-C charging. AirPods still use its own Lightning interface until now.

The HTC U Ear charging case also uses a shell-like clamshell design, which allows the headset to charge directly on its back. The USB Type-C charging hole is also located at the bottom of the charging case, and its appearance is slightly similar to the previous AirPods Pro Lite concept picture .

After Apple launched AirPods, the first true wireless Bluetooth headset in 2016, many companies immediately launched similar products to seize the market. So far, Apple AirPods still has a leading position in the global wireless Bluetooth headset market.

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