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How Work From Home is New Culture During COVID-19 Phase


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In this article, I want to share my feelings about, how work from home is the new culture during COVID-19. But I was looking for other opinions and perspectives in this regard. So what I have come across so far is that the perspective of work from home needs to be divided into two different sections. First one, is a perspective of a freelancer, who already is working from home. Second is the perspective of any job holding person who has a 40 hours per week routine.

Now as for the freelancer perspective. here is the link to an amazing article which i read. This article was written by Lindsay Tigar and published on 26th Mar, 2020 by an online magazine ‘The Fast Company’ Here is how Lindsay introduces us to the article, “While much of the news is scary, I’ve found a silver thread of hope in this pandemic: What if this is our chance to prove remote work, well, works?” 

You can read the whole article which clearly points out that almost all the organizations have asked their employees to start working from home, to make it work like regular day job. It is a very interesting stuff, where Lindsay has directed us to an online work management system known as remote year which helps you to align all your daily tasks. Remote year can be access on In this whole article, she discussed the liberty. she had to do her work as a freelancer. She claimed that she was more successful but also more organized in her daily life routine and also, she was more productive while working from home as compared to her old day job performance.

In comparison to this, there is a job holder who works 40 hours a week and now adjusting to this whole new idea of work from home. This article was written by Carrie McKeegan and published on 6th April 2020 in inc. magazine. Carrie’s idea is that, “the smartest move you can make as a leader is mimicking a normal work schedule, even in a remote setup”. She suggests that it’s wrong for us to think that we can linger on to our daily tasks. That it’s okay to start work 24/7. Her article suggests that if, we try to linger on the task, than we might end up losing interest in it which will lead to increased mistakes and serious health issues

No matter which perspective you want to follow. it is very important for us to understand that we have to be precise, accurate, authentic and honest to our jobs. Pulling long hours won’t work, doing the work smartly is required.

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