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How To Disable Touch Input For Smartphone


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With the improvement of the smartphones technology, the sensitivity of the touch screen also has been improved. But touch displays are prone to accidental clicks and since today there are almost no push-button phones on Android, almost all mobile devices now use a touch screen instead of physical keys. And since, for example, the sound, the backlight, or even the volume buttons can be turned off, is it possible to do the same with the screen? Actually yes. And to do this is quite simple.

Why You May Need to Disable The Touch Screen

The reason that comes to mind is unintentional random clicks. For example, when you are on WhatsApp call, listening to music or watching videos, they stop or rewind the track, and some smartphones can still suffer from “ghostly” taps when the screen responds to touches that you don’t actually do. This often happens when you take a picture or shoot a video, for example, in the rain. If you have other options in which disabling the touchscreen will be appropriate.

How to Disable Touch Screen on Android

Next, go to the “heavy artillery.” Namely, to a program that does exactly what is stated. And it’s called it Touch Lock, a free application that allows you to disable the touch screen on Android. It also allows you to temporarily disable both soft keys and hardware buttons, in fact, simply not allowing you to use your smartphone.

How Does This Application Works?

After it is downloaded to your smartphone, open it and swipe left on the screen to start setting permissions and selecting options. When everything you want to block is selected, confirm your action. Further, everything is simple. If you want to lock the smartphone screen, just pull down the notification panel and click on the lock icon. Now the touch screen and buttons (if you selected them during setup, of course) should be locked. To unlock your gadget, double-click on the translucent icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can additionally configure the number of clicks required to unlock the touch screen in the application settings. And there are options for automatic unlocking when you receive a call, displaying unlock tips and, unfortunately, in-app purchases and advertising. But she, which pleases, is not at all obsessive.

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