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How to Choose Domain or Website Name


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Having a good and relevant domain name is very important. It can boost your website ranking up to 90%. New bloggers do not care about this search engine factor but in this article, we are going to tell you that How to Choose a domain name and how it can Rank up your blog/website in any search engine optimization.

Choosing a domain name is very tricky process so before selecting domain name you have to identify following elements:

  • Unique Target Keyword of your website
  • Target Audience of your Website
  • Easy to Spell
  • Don’t use hyphens
  • Choose .com
  • Choose Short Domain Name
  • Avoid Consecutive Double Spells Letters

Your Target Keyword for your website can be one or more than one. Like you are planning to post news content on your website then your domain name must include news word. Or if your blog is relevant to technology whatever it is you need to choose domain name which should contain the word of that technology. As much as relevant your domain name it will be shown as much on top. I am going to give you another example, if you search any website like Facebook then you noticed Facebook page come on the top why? Because Facebook domain name include that word. Same we can apply to my own website like “PakTecHub”, you can see in below image that I searched domain name of my website and it comes at top. I hope you are pretty much clear now about domain name.

PakTecHub search
PakTecHub search

Now coming to target audience, what is your target audience like it can be specific country in the world or specific city in a country or your target audience also can be the peoples having same kind of interest or age.

You can identify your domain name based on Target Audience as well

  • Based on hobby of target audience
  • Based on activities of specific age group peoples

Now, I hope you got the idea that how this trick works and lead your website at top of Google or any search engine ranking. We have plan to post further articles on SEO so I will suggest you to stay tuned with us.

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