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Google Search Engine Algorithm Update 2020: Releasing Today


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Google is releasing a search engine algorithm update today (May,5 2020). This is first update of 2020 and going to change ranking of lot of websites. Google Liaison said that they make changes in search engine algorithm on daily basis but these are not much noticeable. Also, these updates does not create major impact on ranking but today’s update is going to change lot of thing.

First update of Google search engine algorithm is going to create a big impact on lot of website rankings. This update will not hurt rankings of those website who have original and worthy content. According to the update, the websites with good content will stay at the top. The websites who will observe a fall in their ranking, can still increase their worth by following Google webmaster guidelines.

This is not the first time that Google emphasis on content. If you are aware with SEO then you understand that if you have good researched and worthy content then no website can beat you in competition.

There are more than 200 SEO factors who can impact your website rankings but content has more weightage on all so this update is quick win for website with good worthy content. Good content means, readability rate, content organized in website, categories, style, and heading and most important is know the quality rater guidelines & E-A-T.

Previously, Google released core update in August 01, 2019. Google emphasis on content quality on that time as well. Having uniqueness in content delivery is one of the best strategy and Google is not going to hurt repute of these websites.

The websites, who violated the Google content policies are going to lose their ranking so Google is ready to handle complaint regarding website ranking.

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