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Do You Think All Mobile Phone Brands are Safe to Use?


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The answer is no. In last couple of years, more than 50 mobile phone brands has been introduced in market and some of the brands offering mobiles in very less price which is looking very strange.  It is true that these mobile Phone brands understand the thinking of buyer but does anyone assure that the actual intentions behind this strategy is right or not?

Mobile companies always send their own mobile operating system within their smartphones but didn’t assure you that the operating system is vulnerability free. No one even think about this question. We always talk about vulnerabilities in apps downloaded from any source but we didn’t even thought that the mobile operating system is vulnerable or not. Also, the hardware of mobile is vulnerable or not.

This point create suspect for all unfamiliar brands who offering cheap smartphones in market. These companies offering very good specification of camera and AI technologies and we are happy with it. Did anyone checked the algorithms or the machine learning models? What these AI models are performing jobs within your mobile phone?

The hardware and mobile operating system have access to your all private or confidential data. It cans send and receive your all public and private data whenever you are connected to internet.

Do you have idea what data is being sent out of your mobile? The purpose of this article is not to target any mobile phone company in but the purpose is to create awareness with people who focus to buy cheap or unfamiliar branded mobile phones.

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