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PUBG Death Replay and Universal Marks Are Included in Update 0.17.0


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PUBG releases its latest update on March 3, 2020 which is 0.17.0. This update includes very interesting features of Death replay, Universal Mark, a new gun and tech, and so much more! Somehow, certain bugs are identified and reported on twitter by users.

Now user can see the death replay with updated version of PUBG 0.17.0.  The Death Replay and Universal Mark are not visible by default so users need to enable it manually in settings menu.

PUBG Death Replay Enable
Death Replay Enable

Death replay feature was not available in previous PUBG version. But now, users can see in the death replay that how he was killed by someone. This feature will allow user to overcome mistake that he made in his previous game and got killed.

PUBG Death Replay
PUBG Death Replay

Another feature, universal marks allow user to mark his desired locations, supplies, vehicles, death crates, and doors for teammates during playing game as it helps players to communicate in very fast manners and create a good understanding among the players.

PUBG Universal Mark
PUBG Universal Mark
PUBG New Gun
PUBG New Gun 0b5e9619908777b71a3198c9865a0342e4b4ece1368c17f884

This update is not available for iPhone 6 or older iPhones. Users are facing a server a timeout issue while starting PUBG server as they connect to play. Also some users reports game crashing issue. PUBG developer are trying to fix these reported issues, reported on PUBG official twitter page. Somehow, Screen hanging issue and slow game responses are also observed in some regions. No, resolution for reposted issue is received from PUBG development teams but issue has been registered for fix.       

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