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Buy HUAWEI Apps and Services Using Zong Balance


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Zong has launched Huawei Direct Carrier Billing. Zong customers can buy HUAWEI apps and subscribe to services using their prepaid Mobile Balance. Previously, Zong launched direct carrier billing for Google Play Store. Now, Zong Users can buy paid apps and paid themes from Huawei’s official App Gallery and Theme Store. This enablement would truly empower Zong customers to digitalize their payments.

Product Details

Huawei Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is an online payment method. It allows users to make purchases in Huawei App Gallery and Theme Store by charging payments to their mobile phone bill.

  • Subscription of Apps
  • In-app purchases
  • Buying Paid Apps

Payment Association Process To Buy HUAWEI Apps:

Customers can use their Zong prepaid account balance to Buy Huawei Apps and Services by following these simple steps;

  1. Select Purchase Item
  2. Select the carrier logo and input mobile
  3. Enter received PIN
  4. Verify the PIN code and pay successfully

For services using SMS PIN verification, the following process applies:

  1. Initiates a payment in the Huawei Mobile Services
  2. Input mobile phone number
  3. Receive a verification message
  4. Input the verification code in the payment interface
  5. Purchase completed

Payment On Huawei Themes

  • Check Currency to Pakistan
  • Choose Theme to buy
  • Select Zong & add a phone number
  • Obtain SMS & authenticate code to pay
Huawei App Purchase-
Huawei App Purchase-

Payment On Huawei App Gallery

  • Open an App e.g. pay for music
  • Select the mobile number to pay
  • Enter the payment password
Huawei Direct Carrier Billing
Huawei Direct Carrier Billing

Payment Details:

No tax will be applied on any transaction made at Huawei App Gallery & Theme Store on app purchase, in-app purchase, refunds or subscriptions

Payment intimation:

One Time Password (OTP) for verification.

Bill can be required to be sent via email


All Zong Customers using Huawei phones and Mobile Services are eligible for this enablement.

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