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Be A Pro In Slideshow Making With These Tips And Tricks


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Slideshows are used everywhere these days, from work presentations to wedding photo displays to Instagram stories. Slideshow-making has become so popular that you need to be equipped with the latest tips and tricks to make yours effective enough to stand apart from the multitude of online content that floods the internet every minute. Here are some techniques you can use in your slideshows to enhance the visual appeal among the audience. 

7 Methods to Make the Best Slideshows

1. Use Templates 

Templates are handy to get you started with slideshows. Most of the best free slideshow makers have free and customizable templates that you can use as placeholders to add and modify your content. The preset designs and themes are usually catchy and vibrant, giving you an excellent platform to add content, saving you a lot of design troubles. 

If you are using slideshows for a business, then you can choose one standard template for all your works. Doing so will give uniformity to your slideshows and also make people associate the design with the brand.

2. Photo Slideshows 

When you have a bunch of photos you want to put up on social media or a website, make a slideshow out of them instead of sharing them as individual photos. The various slideshow effects like transitions and stickers can make the pictures stand out more. Using a slideshow will also make it more likely for people to see the entire photo collection instead of just scrolling past separate photos. 

Photo slideshows are also standard in social gatherings and functions like weddings and birthdays. Apart from the techniques to enhance the slideshow, you should also choose the photos properly to create something more than just a set of photos. For example, if it is for a wedding, arrange the pictures to weave a story of the groom’s and bride’s life incidents up to the point of the wedding itself. 

3. Transitions 

Transitions are a unique aspect of slideshows; it is what makes it different than a standalone video or photo album. Transitions are the effects you add to segue from one slide to another. These effects can control how the current slide exits from the screen and how the next one appears. 

For example, the current slide can move to the right away from the screen, while the next one can unfurl like a circle. There are also 3D transitions available in some of the latest software editions. Most of the slideshow makers allow you to control precise parameters regarding the transitions like duration, triggers, sound effects, and so on. 

4. Add an Audio Track 

You can add an appropriate soundtrack as you display the photos or text blocks. Choose the length of the music piece and how long each photo should last in the slideshow to sync the audio properly. 

Sometimes, audio is loud or catchy enough to catch people’s attention than the video. When people hear a familiar audio track, they instantly turn to see what is going on. Don’t let the sound take away too much attention; remember that the main content of the slideshow is still visual. 

5. Use Text and Typography 

If you show a set of images or videos in a slideshow, a passerby or a third person may not always understand what the content depicts. Here is where the smart use of text and typography comes into play. Text is an additional optional element in the slideshow to tell the viewer something that the picture does not. 

Choose a nice font (or a custom one) and crisply add the necessary information about the content (pictures or videos). Text can include the date, names of the people, name of the event, or why it is memorable, and so on. You can also use it at the beginning – introductory credits, disclaimers – or at the end – call to action, contact information, closing credits.  

6. Make the Most of Hashtags and Geotags 

This tip is convenient when you are targeting the social media audience. Along with your various photos or videos that you include in your slideshow, also add relevant hashtags and geotags to increase the reach. 

Geotags make your photo visible when people search for something in the same area since every photo tagged is added to a photo map. Geotags make it useful for you if you have a business because you are telling people where they can find you. 

Hashtags make the picture appear more often in searches. Do not overload your photo or video with hashtags that the content itself is covered! Instagram marketing strategies show that the ideal number is about 10 or 11 hashtags per post, with around 4-5 of them in the caption and the rest in the comments section. 

7. Make the Slideshow Interactive 

The goal is to make a presentation as engaging and interactive as possible using all the above techniques. The purpose of using the tools to boost your slideshow is to strike a chord with the audience. 

If it is a presentation, engage the viewers with questions, polls, and the like. If it is just a continuous feed of photos for a social event, insert appropriate animations and graphics to make anyone stop and notice what is being shown. 

Paid vs. Free Slideshow Makers

To edit videos, add text, pick a soundtrack, and employ transition effects, you just need some software assistance. Most of the free editors and slideshow makers will usually have their watermark on the content (which could be a distraction) and offer you only limited features. If you are willing to pay extra, you get a lot of additional features out of video editors. No watermarks, 4K editing, and in-built soundtracks are some of the tools available in premium versions. 

Make Your Slideshow Today!

The methods described here are by no means exhaustive; your creativity and the tools at your disposal can make wonders together. These guidelines will get you started to create slideshows in a way that’s effective in terms of content and outreach. Whether it is for an Instagram story or your friend’s graduation photo display, you now know how to make the best slideshows.

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