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Apple iOS 13.4.1 Fixes FaceTime and Video Calling issues


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Apple released the first iOS 13.4 update as iOS 13.4.1. Apple fixed the FaceTime and video call issues in the update. Last month, Apple released iOS 13.4, a major update with many features. But now there are other updates, The latest update to Apple iOS 13.4.1 has just been released and it has been designed primarily to eliminate bugs, including the key ones that are affected by FaceTime.

Specifically, they fixed the issues caused by iOS 13.4, in which users using that version were unable to join FaceTime calls with users using older versions. As iOS or macOS: iOS 9.3.6 or OS X 10.11.6 or above will be specific Users began to report issues after the release of iOS 13.4.

 Unfortunately, as users search for a digital way to connect with family and friends was suffered from an issue in the midst of asylum requests around the world. Apple claims that this issue has been resolved but user’s response is awaited to confirm, if there is no more any issue related to it.

iOS 13.4.1 iPhone and IPad Problems Fixes

  • Fixes issue where iOS 13.4 devices cannot join FaceTime calls with iOS 9.3.6 and ,earlier devices or OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and earlier.
  • Fixed a bug with the settings app where Bluetooth selection failed from the quick action menu on the home screen.
iOS 13.4.1
iOS 13.4.1

These aren’t the only changes Apple made to its software products this week. It appears that the company has been quietly updating its “Maps” application to prioritize supermarkets at the top of the searches and enter the food delivery search category, all in response to changing habits during regional locks. And the video editing application Clips got support for the trackpad and mouse.

Although this is not mentioned in Apple’s release notes, iOS 13.4.1 may also include fixing a VPN vulnerability.

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