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Android 11 Release Is Delayed By Google


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This year, almost all corporations all went wrong. But while some, like Apple, tried to hide this from consumers as much as possible, others like Google couldn’t. As a result, the search giant was forced, in principle, to cancel the conduct of Google I / O, refusing to transfer it online, and replace the offline presentation of the next version of Android with a live broadcast on YouTube . It would seem that everything is within the framework of the current situation in the world, but Google silently delayed the launch of Android 11 for a whole month.

Despite the fact that Google has not officially announced the release date for Android 11, the company has extended the Developer Preview Program for a full month. As a result, the public beta will be released not in May, as it usually happened, but in June. Few people paid attention to this, since not many users usually participate in Android beta testing. Therefore, the majority, as a rule, doesn’t care how many test builds have been released so far. They are only interested in the launch day of the final version.

It’s quite obvious to me that now Google is increasing the duration of the pre-testing program not in order to shorten the public beta test later. Most likely, the second phase of testing Android 11 will be extended for a month, or even a little more. Therefore, I would bet that the update will be released in early – mid-October. This makes sense, because in this case, the new “pixels” of 2020 will be the first smartphones on Android 11, which in recent years has not happened.

Will being late with the launch of Android 11 have any negative impact on Google or the spread of the operating system itself? Personally, I think not. In the end, Android users are accustomed to the fact that updates, even monthly security patches, are a real rarity that many cannot count on in principle. Therefore, it is obviously not worth expecting that users will rebel and start massively migrating to iOS, which, by the way, may also be delayed.

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