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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Purchase An Older Truck For Your Fleet


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Fleet trucks have a reputation of being well-tuned as they are initially sold at attractive prices. It’s possible to get a great deal on a nice old fleet truck, but the journey from there is not always smooth sailing.

Many of these trucks are handled every day by multiple drivers. Hence, buying an old vehicle involves the risks of hard usage, not having high mileage, and a history of hidden accidents.

If you’re weighing your options regarding a used truck purchase, here are some aspects worth looking into before you take the leap.

The Disadvantages Of Purchasing An Older Truck For Your Fleet

Worn And Torn 

Only a buyer of old fleet trucks knows the hardships that come with it. Cigarette burns, spilled soda, and harsh driving are some of the problems one faces.

Rental trucks are often sold with reasonably low mileage, but there’s no way to know how hard those miles were. Plus, busted brake lines, radiators, or wheels can compromise not only the driving performance but also the safety of the trucker.

Bigger dealerships tend to repair their trucks before selling them, so you have a better chance of buying a reliable vehicle there.

Compliance And Upkeep Costs

When you are responsible for the maintenance of many fleet trucks all at once, paying attention to the upkeep of a used vehicle becomes a tough task. The responsibility for doing everything, from servicing to compliance, become factors to reckon with.

Having too many old trucks in your fleet might force you to outsource compliance work, which might be costlier than buying a new one. So consider getting an older truck only if you’re willing to keep a sharp eye on its maintenance and bear the costs of keeping it in tip-top shape.

Buried Damage 

When a truck is party to an accident, to which it usually is, the incident is typically reported to an insurance agency. This automatically creates a bad reputation and attaches it as a part of the truck’s history.

Depending solely on the nature of the accident and the cost to repair the damages incurred, some companies even fail to report on the accident. They instead choose to fix their trucks in house and pay out-of-pocket for repairs to the other party’s vehicle or property.

While this sounds cost-effective for the fleet owner, such practice prevents an accident from appearing on the truck’s history. You’re potentially on the verge of purchasing a truck that was in an accident you are unaware of.

Lacks Luster And Comfort

One of the reasons many companies and organizations purchase old fleet trucks is for them to save money. They are often bare-bone models that lack optional features and add-ons.

Old fleet trucks frequently lack the essential extras like heated seats, CD players, sunroofs, and USB charging ports. Some even come with the traditional old wind-up windows.

If the purpose is purely a utilitarian truck required to transport from point X to point Y, an old fleet truck will serve the purpose. This will lack in luster and comfort, however.

Lower Prices For Reselling

Considering all the major disadvantages that an old used fleet truck brings along, there is no guarantee that you will get an advantageous price for it when it’s time to sell it off.

What’s important to note is that holding on to vehicles for too long is not the best practice for your truck. Their extended life can force higher cumulative expenses, which is a significant disadvantage in itself.

Is Purchasing An Older Truck Bad For Your Fleet?

Fleet trucks aren’t always a bad investment. With the efficiency and longevity of your fleet at stake, it is only natural to be wary about buying an old fleet truck.

All in all, you shouldn’t let these concerns bother you when you’re evaluating your trucking options. As with everything, buying an older vehicle has its pros and cons, so it shouldn’t stop you from buying an older truck for your fleet if it wholly serves your purpose.

Instead, an ideal suggestion, if you have any further questions, would be for you to have the truck well-inspected by a trusted mechanic before signing on the papers.

Factors To Keep In Mind For Fleet Maintenance

Regulating Fleet Control

Control of trucks and data, routing and scheduling, re-evaluating drivers’ documentation, and vehicle testing are some regulations for fleet control. With an appropriate fleet management tool, you stand to make the most out of your used truck.

Consumption And Emissions

Having updated data on your old truck fleet’s fuel consumption will definitely educate you more on how a greener fleet can be achieved, proving beneficial for the ecosystem also. Using an IFTA calculator makes filing your quarterly reports an easier process.

Along with that, it will further reduce costs and determine the primary causes affecting your fleet’s fuel economy. This is essential for making appropriate decisions, ultimately saving costs and minimizing emissions.

Hiring A Versatile Fleet Manager

It’s possible to use an old truck if you have a responsible fleet manager with an ability to multitask. They should not only be experienced in their field but should also have impeccable communication skills, must be an efficient team leader and should be result-oriented.

Open To Innovations

Thinking outside the box and exploring newer solutions prove as an advantage to any industry. Innovations like introducing new technologies and training programs, redesigns, developments, etc. can make the life of a company easier and highly efficient.

For instance, with GPS fleet tracking, you can pinpoint the coordinates of every driver in your fleet, check driver routes to make timely deliveries, and monitor their speedometer. This will ensure driver safety and performance, even in an old truck.

Major Takeaway

Truck fleets are high-cost assets, so maximizing their value is crucial for optimal truck fleet management. Older truck fleet management sums up to requiring double the effort. Check out Samsara fleet login for help with picking the right GPS tracking software for your fleet.

A major takeaway is to have the proper operational and financial expertise to help you succeed in your fleet purchase and management goals.

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